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Sports Bras: Combining Support with Style

Combining support with style, Elladore Fit has transformed the traditional sports bra into a fashion statement.

Traditional sports bras are designed to be worn under athletic tanks and tees, serving primarily as a functional garment providing both compression and support. At Elladore Fit, our designs prioritize both performance and style. With form-fitting support, quick-dry fabric, removable padding, and everyday comfort, you’ll benefit from all the performance features you’d expect from a premium quality sports bra.

The Elladore Fit difference lies in our brand’s stylish sports bras that are made to be seen! Our love affair with both fashion and fitness led us to reimagine the traditional sports bra and design something that’s functional and fashionable for stylish fitness ladies!

Made to be Seen One Strap Bra

Hit the gym in style. Our sports bras are made to be seen! As the ultimate stand alone piece, Elladore Fit’s sports bras are the supportive sporty-chic top fitness ladies need! Coordinate our one shoulder bra with a tennis skirt to serve major court style.

Earn style points with our unique silhouettes and eye-catching colourways and patterns. Discover asymmetrical designs like our one strap bra that is form fitting and supportive without restricting movement.

Move freely, crush your goals, and show off your personality and style with Elladore Fit!

Ultra-Soft Fabric for Everyday Wear

Elladore Fit bras are made with high-quality fabric that’s quick-drying and extremely soft. As soft as skin, we’ve sought to transform the traditionally uncomfortable and restricting sports bra into a wearable piece that’s so comfortable you’ll reach for it every day.

Say goodbye to compression support that flattens and minimizes and say hello to support that flatters and lifts!

Shop Elladore Fit sports bras for made to be seen support and style!


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