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Our Story

Active comfort made flawless

Meet Natasha, The Founder

I am somebody who has dabbled in many different fields, I’ve had plenty of jobs, however one thing that has always remained has been my love for working out. I’ve focused on my health for as long as I can remember and it has been incredible to be able to showcase my creativity into something I love, fitness clothing. I love fashion, i love fitness. Why not combine the two?

Stretchy and Form Fitting Fabric

I’ve taken the time to choose fabrics that stretch enough to be comfortable and at the same time, follow all of your curves to make it a flattering fit. Elladore Fit was created to allow women to achieve their fitness goals all the while feeling comfortable doing it. 

Comfortable and Trendy Fitness Apparel

As somebody who was in the gym every day, I was looking for something that was comfortable to work out in, as well as trendy enough to be worn throughout my days.  

Before Elladore Fit, I would combine different outfits and make adjustments to my activewear on the daily. Girls would stop me to ask me where I got my outfits and I’d always have to tell them that everything was always from different brands, and some of it was tailored or modified to fit me better. Until one day, I decided why not create my own brand?

When you Look Good, you Feel Good

As women, we do so much for others we sometimes neglect to take care of ourselves. We’re always doing so much for our partners, our parents, our kids, we sometimes forget about ourselves. I was looking to create something for the women in my community. It's okay to focus on ourselves once in a while. You need to fill your cup before you fill others'.


Fits for all body types

Stretchy Fabric

Made for moving

Flattering Fit

Compliments your figure